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American polymaths like Benjamin Franklin, George Washigton, and Thomas Jefferson inspire us to provide practical solutions across a wide spectrum of industries, sciences, government concerns, military issues, and civic principles. Let us help your organization with the only help a polymath can offer.

denser concentration of mini-columns in frontal cortex w/ commercial language model and paywall databases.

longer cortex connections with simultaneous inductive, deductive, and holistic departure points per unit of analysis.

cultural cosmological nodes with comensurate distillations per tradition, linguistic, and ideological baselines.

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Intitial Interview.

Our clients' securely share everything relevant to their projects via structured interviews or informal Q&A on their favorite secure channel. Send us your NDA/NCV/RFP and/or schedule an initial interview by clicking here.



We work with our clients on a variety of ways including retainer, fee for service, and work product invoicing. We work with our clients to discover how our services fit inside their project planning, scope, and work breakdown structures. 

We operate our consultancy on the basis of US laws, policies, regulations, accepted business practice, and ethics. When required we adhere to Federal Acquisition Regulation FAR 31.205-38 Selling Cost. We operate in synch with our clients security compliance with NIST SP 800-171, and DFARS.


Pricing of Work, Fees, Costs.

Government, private enterprise, and institutional investment authorities may pay on the basis of an agency retainer, pay fees for services rendered.

Distinct and compliant billing for other specialized costs where legal, may include private finance introduction fees, intellectual property rights liscencing fees, work products, equity stakes, commissions, bonus incentives, intellectual property liscence fees, micro-service subscriptions, debt notes, platform administration fees, art direction, and/or special event executive production fees. Click here for our billing portal.

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