Video Production

SitePiper specializes in art direction of video production. We work with select team of trusted live production crews we have discovered from around the country including Asheville, NC. SitePiper’s claim to fame is interpreting the fictional or literal commercial intention of our clients and capturing a specific emotional framework translated into a moving final product. We believe in the call to action and dissect and remove all risk issues at the story board level. In fact, lets start there.
SitePiper begins is commercial video intake process by gaining an understanding of a clients marketing objectives. We provide brainstorming, visioning and a final script summary for the story boarding stage. Our story boards not only explain the script, its plot, actors, locations, special affects and direction but also inform the production logistics and budget.
From this process we are on hand to direct or lend art direction to the live production and post production of the video creation process. SitePiper believes in the balance of emotional and rational art and serves to create compelling video content for television programs, television commercials, corporate videos, event videos, wedding videos and special-interest home videos. Call 828-216-5769 or email us now.