Strategic Planning

SitePiper provides strategic planning. We help organizations develop a process of defining its direction or determining a specific project’s trajectory. If you are launching a new product or project SitePiper helps develop plans for success. Our speciality to to engage your team in brainstorming, team visioning, resource inventories and resource mining processes that help inform a strategic plan. By engaging active listening rounds from both active and retired members of your team we create a holistic picture of the who, what, where, when and how. Having a historic and longitudinal vision of your organization helps us inform and flesh out our plans.
We work with your senior team to encapsulate an outline focused on key problem-solution diads and provide out-of-the-box and traditional tools that fit each scenario. Our strategic plans are informed by research and analytics as well as the voices of experience both internal and external customers. We design appropriate control mechanisms and ROI reporting systems in our strategies that guide the implementation of the strategy. The principles of sustainability and social equity also guide our strategic practice in keeping with a growing demand for smart systems.
If you are looking for assistance in the processes of formulation and implementation; SitePiper strategic planning helps coordinate both. We balance the analytical and holistic qualities of true innovation in our strategy formulation helping your organization plan for the future and meet its tactical objectives. Call 828-216-5769 or email us now.