Social Media

SitePiper helps determine an appropriate social media strategy, creation operation, management system and social media interaction protocol for risk managed engagement that meet your organizations’ sales, marketing and communications objectives.
We set-up specific social media channels focused on the people, government, media and/or businesses your organizations you wish to share with. Social Media is literally “social” and requires more that advance drip creation, scheduling and automation. Social media requires an personal and intimate active exchange information, ideas, and pictures/videos in these relatively new virtual communities and networks. The voice and personality that represents your brand and mission on-line requires thought and tactics to deal with fans and detractors alike.
Everyday new Internet-based applications are created driving new niche constituents to build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0. Organizations that wish to be seen as technologically credible and connected to Generation X, Y and Z have to commit to the creation and exchange of organizations-generated content and respond to their target’s audiences opinions and user generated content.
SitePiper helps organizations navigate social media, mobile and web-based technologies by creating highly interactive processes through which your brand’s on-line ambassadors interact with communities, share vital information and co-create with users across your target channels. Call 828-216-5769 or email us now.