About Protected Contract Environments

Protected Contract Environments are designed to support U.S. military veterans who are rated as “totally and permanently disabled”(P&T).  In these cases, the Veterans Administration has found that the severity of the veterans’ disability are expected to continue for the remainder of the veteran’s life, with no improvement. The Power Point, LLC operates within the Protected Contract Environment ESG rubrik.

The Power Point, LLC’s principal, and associates require protected contract environments. All our personell are under management by the Veterans Administration’s Supported Employment Program. Our permanent and totally disabled veterans need work and contract environments that are both protected from discrimination and provide the contractor or employee with unreasonable accommodations in order to perform their job duties.

Here is a typical Protected Contract Environment structure:

      • Behavioral accommodations that exceed ADA requirements:
        • Longer than normal deadlines
        • Minimal employer communication
        • No regular employee social interaction
        • Unreasonable tolerance on the part of the employer
        • Low-stress projects
      • Remote work
      • Supervision and management by one point of contact
      • Communication limited to emails, voice messages, one weekly conference call
      • Limit on tasks per week, per quarter, or per year

We do not recommend businesses or organizations contracting or hiring The Power Point if the unreasonable accommodations and the maintenance of a protected contracting environment will:

      • Cause undue hardship
      • Remove an essential job function
      • Lower performance or production standards

While employers are prohibited by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) from discriminating against disabled veterans in hiring, contracting, promoting, and other employment decisions, they are not obligated to make unreasonable accommodations for veterans with disabilities if it causes undue hardship for the employer.

For more information contact:

Christina Holsworth, MS, CRC

CWT Program Manager

VA Medical Center, San Diego




Hiring Total & Permanent Disabled Veterans & ESG

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