The American Legacy Fund (ALF) is a new, state-of-the-art regulation crowdfunding platform designed to allow everyone the opportunity to invest in private markets, similar to wealthy accredited investors, but instead with more modest-sized investment dollars.

The goal of ALF is to facilitate meaningful, stable returns to investors in opportunities selected by ALF through a rigorous screening process. Investment opportunities hosted on the ALF platform conform to an overarching mission focused on underserved communities and projects.

ALF’s Six Investment Concentration Areas:

  • Historic Preservation & Restoration
  • Veterans-Related Businesses & Projects
  • Native American Business Development
  • Alternative Energy & Sustainability-based Endeavors
  • Women-Owned Businesses
  • Underserved Communities

Walking the Talk

American Legacy Fund Operates as a Triple Bottom Line CorporationWe believe our business is meant to be a community partner and steward. We demonstrate this through action, rather than rhetoric.

Our Four Guiding Principles

First, a percentage of all operating profits will be directed to our in-house charitable arm, The American Legacy Foundation, to ensure that we give back financially to the communities and causes that are inextricably linked to our business.

Second, we will produce Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance annual reports, alongside our financials, milestones, and benchmarks, to demonstrate the actions of our firm, through volunteerism, direct giving, and advocacy, to sustain and strengthen the communities that empower our company to thrive.

Third, we believe in fostering and encouraging this approach among our business relationships as a thought leader, so we include a social impact component to every single project or business relationship undertaken by ALF. We ensure that our partners and prospective investment opportunities take meaningful action to demonstrate and maintain accountability to following these practices as well.

And last but not least, we will engage with the active, successful local and regional non-profits in the communities we serve to partner with them to increase efficiency and to leverage our financial commitments in matching funds, grants, and volunteerism, so as to maximize the overall impact within our communities.