Better Energy, Water, & Agricultural Solutions

Wind Energy Solutions

Most wind solutions on the market are a gross misrepresentation of sustainability. We reccomend different soft tech wind solutions that are life cycle compliant.

Energy & Water Technologies

Ask us about energy and water technologies that provide a true triple line. While the market has committed to renewables and conservation, there are better technologies.

Authentic Regenerative Agriculture

We follow solutions providers focused on the best evidence based solutions founded on congruent earth systems science frameworks and established ecological principles.

Impact Capital Fintech Grounded in Ecological Wisdom

Our experience in developing patriotic #RWB ESG frameworks and integrating several FINRA regulated white label funding portal systems provides us with the knowledge and practice of delivering compliant and smart fintech solutions.

Smart For The Planetary Ecology.
Smart For Your Wallet.

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Earth Systems Science Frameworks

The basis of our consulting approach is based on James Grier Miller‘s living systems theory, NASA Earth System Observatory, and Landsat Science NASA. This joint NASA/USGS program provides the longest continuous space-based record of Earth’s land in existence. Our consultancy faciliates public-private partnerships focused on science based decision making, and advancing the science of sustainablity and resilance.

Energy/Water Efficiency & Conservation Consultation

One of the higest impact multipliers of entropy is waste. We help clients explore the quadruple  bottom line (planet, people, prosperity, country) when it comes to energy and water. From LIDAR water analysis for municipal infrastructure to lowering emissions at industrial sites to the best in class desalination, we help develop impact bonds and organize their taxonomies and 3rd party certification standards.

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