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The Power Point, LLC

Human Capital and Cybersecurity

Seeking a different perspective on cyber security management?

“Our mission is to build security conscious cultures, team by team. The human dimension of IT and Information Assurance is as vital as any software or machine based process. People, will make the difference.”

 – Joseph Bernard Malki CEO, The Power Point, LLC

The Power Point considers IT and IA leaders as the most critical influencers in expanding enterprise wide commitments to a culture of security responsiveness. Succeeding in system wide adoption of best cybersecurity practice is daunting, not impossible. We can help.

While the technical procedures of cybersecurity are well established in the N.S.A.’s Community Gold Standard Framework Version 2.0, non-cybersecurity trained workforce remains an overall weakness. Almost any employee can invite disaster. That is why we are inviting information technology managers and information assurance managers to collaborate in creating a security responsive culture. The Power Point is here to help America’s cybersecurity.  Start a conversation by chat  here or give us a call today.

Human Capital Dimension of Cybersecurity

American private and government computing systems have been under attack for decades. In a world of continuous cyber warfare and espionage, the emergence of enterprise wide security conscious cultures is a national security priority. We work with you to build responsive strategies, plans, and tactics focused on individual and team behaviors. Anticipating new and novel threats is part of our process. Providing understandable messaging is our forte. Our specialty is the human equation in security.

Security Responsive Culture Training

Collaborating with your IT & IA managers we organize subject matter experts for team based seminars, workshops, sherrets, and open space technology events. Thoughtful, practical, and entertaining cyber-cultural events help focus the team’s security awareness and innovation. #gamification #empathy #teambuild