Social, technical, and financial solutions for climate resiliency projects.





SUPPORTING ecologically responsible and socially conscious initiatives


We source ethical private commercial money including slow money, social capital, and inclusion in specialized private equity funds and bond projects focused on sustainability. Our network of qualified investors, compliant financial platforms, and leading service providers ensures security and qualified participants.


We provide small and medium sized businesses with a suite a critical services related to pre-investment and investor worthiness preparation, private placement, and crowd funding. We use the worlds’ leading secure financial technology compliant with state blue sky laws, SEC, FIRNA, and EU regulations. Ask us about getting ready.


Our risk management services focus on climate security and carbon mitigation. We provide innovative plans,  strategic partnerships, and consulting. As a minority owned service connected veteran owned business we help our clients walk the talk on social equity and cultural climate resilience. Ask us about our educational special events.


Qualified with over 20 years of CROSS INDUSTRY experience in the sustainability marketplace.


We arm directors and C-suite executives with the “missing information” routinely omitted by echelons of self-interest and competition. Succinct, logical, and referenced reports on the best climate responses, social justice initiatives, and cultural resilience our our specialty.


Ideas are priceless and one of the four essential components in capitalist free market development. We help solve problems and innovate new solutions. Our market based equity structure can provide the affordable new ideas your organization needs.


We employ earth systems science frameworks and bioregional perspectives for stakeholder engagement in sustainable planning of entire markets. This advanced planning process seeks public-private partnerships in relationship to bio-regional commercial supply chains, special trade zones, tax incentive zones, and promoting positive optimizations for social and ecological value. We help communities collaborate for a brighter future.


Low and no cost responses to climate change challenges are our specialty. Our custom plans help you achieve critical goals that provide rational and structured value. We work with our clients to develop simple plans that sequester carbon, reduce toxins, conserve resources, and advance social justice initiatives connected to climate change. We connect you with authentic third party auditors and specialists in compliance in order to maintain the professional standards in engaging the science of sustainability.


Rural communities across the United States and Europe are experiencing depopulation and family fragmentation at alarming rates. The Power Point helps at risk communities with a participatory, holistic, and integrated approach. Sustainable development should preserve and promote local heritage and history, as well as the collective interests of all stakeholders. Our event based process generates concrete plans by organizing inclusive multi-party visioning, collaboration, and work events. We use best in class accessible cloud based multimedia editing and publishing systems allowing all to have a say in the planning of their own community.


Our experience has helped forge alliances with the leading professional associations, governments, and non-profits. We help our clients hone their vision and develop the strategic approach with letters of intent, memorandums of understanding, strategic partnerships, joint ventures, and  

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Our interest in the overall science of sustainability.  Our principled focus supports those sustainable ventures requiring commercial finance, private investors, and strategic partnerships. Beyond relationship marketing, we contribute to the strategic planning and marketing for select projects including: climate impact mitigation, green and sustainability bonds, ecological projects, social justice initiatives, and cultural resilience programs.




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Our retainer contract provides direct access for immediate personal advise or sounding board services.

Creatively Helping Leaders Navigate Chaos, Complexity, & Disruption in a Climate Response Context

The Power Point, LLC helps boards and c-suite leadership address novel and persistent threats and position themselves with well throughout ideas, initiatives, and plans.

    • Commercial financing – slow capital and social ventures
    • Private equity, green & sustainability bonds project inclusion
    • Start-up relationship marketing
    • Particular research and investigation
    • Public facing information assurance and cyber security audit
    • Custom climate change response planning
    • Partnership development
    • Intellectual capital contributions
    • Scientific sustainable development planning

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